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How do you protect yourself when you are the subject of a criminal investigation that could lead to the filing of criminal charges?

Your failure to consult counsel right away could significantly affect the outcome of your situation.

How do you ensure that you are protected and you are aware of your rights if you are a victim of a crime, or if you are being called as a witness in a case?

Every situation and every case is different. You cannot find the answer doing a web search. You need to immediately contact a competent, experienced criminal defense attorney in order to explain your particular situation and get the best possible advice. At The Law Offices of Paula Drake, you will get an immediate response, a free consultation and the advice that you require.

Here are some of the situations where you should call The Law Offices of Paula Drake immediately for your free consultation:

You or a family member have been:

  1. Arrested and charged with a crime of any type. Also, if you have been cited and released, or jailed and later released. Also, if a report was taken, but you may not have been given a citation or been arrested.
  2. Contacted by a law enforcement agency to discuss a possible case where you are a suspect, even if you are not sure that you are a suspect.
  3. Accused by a third party or your employer of a crime or wrongdoing.
  4. Contacted by any investigator regarding a matter where you have information and you could potentially be involved. This includes private investigators, public defender investigators or district attorney investigators.
  5. Contacted to meet with a Juvenile Probation Officer to discuss a potential case that involves you and/or your child.
  6. Contacted by social services, where there is a potential of criminal charges as well (or if you are not sure).
  7. On probation or parole, and you may have a violation.
  8. Notified by a licensing agency or other party that there is a problem with your professional license (e.g. under investigation, suspended, notified of a hearing, etc.).
  9. Notified by the DMV that you may lose your driver’s license and/or are entitled to a hearing.
  10. A victim of a crime and you need to know your rights or you do not feel that your rights are being protected.
  11. A witness in a criminal case and you have concerns about what is required or about the nature of your testimony.

There may be other situations where you are just not sure and would benefit from legal advice. When in doubt, call for a consultation or fill out the Contact Form. The initial consultation is confidential and free.

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