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Why hire a private attorney when I can get a public defender?

A public defender will not represent you until they are appointed by the court; they will not be able to represent you until your case is filed and in court. If you need counsel because you are under investigation and contacted by law enforcement, the public defender will not be able to help you. Attorney Paula Drake will be able to help you if you are under investigation and often times can intervene to prevent charges from being filed.

To get a public defender, you must be indigent. You will need to qualify by completing a financial disclosure statement in order to obtain a public defender. You may still end up paying a fee for the use of the public defender. You will be surprised to see how reasonable your fees will be if you hire Attorney Paula Drake. Discounts and payments plans are available.

When you get a public defender, you have no say in your choice of a specific attorney. Often, public defenders are overwhelmed with other cases and may not be able to provide you with the personal attention that your will receive if you hire Attorney Paula Drake as your private counsel.

A public defender may not have the experience you need to handle you case. Your case could also get handed down from one public defender to another, increasing the possibility of miscommunication or procedural errors. Attorney Paula Drake has twenty-nine years of experience handling all types of adult and juvenile criminal cases. She will handle your case from beginning to end, ensuring continuity in achieving the best possible outcome for you.

The public defender will not handle your collateral matters. They will not handle your DMV hearing or deal with the professional licensing agency that may take disciplinary action against you as a result of your criminal case. If you have matters pending in multiple counties, the public defender will not be able to appear for you in the other counties. They will not be able to handle your parole hearing. Attorney Paula Drake will handle all of your matters; this will assure that there are no loose ends and that the best possible outcome is achieved in all of the matters.

Why not represent myself and wait to see what happens in court?

Chances are you did not attend law school, pass the bar, or obtain the experience needed to know how to handle a criminal matter at the various stages. Criminal cases can be extremely complicated. You may make incriminating statements to the prosecutor or the judge when you are attempting to handle your own case. You could make procedural errors or other mistakes that will result in a guilty verdict or a less than desirable plea deal; this then could result in severe financial and punitive consequences. When your freedom is at stake you need an experienced attorney to represent you. Attorney Paula Drake has handled several thousand criminal matters and has a track record of proven success. Why take a chance handling your criminal case when the fees to hire Attorney Paula Drake are reasonable and affordable? The consultation is free.

Why hire The Law Offices of Paula Drake and not another firm?

With the Law Offices of Paula Drake you get experienced and personalized representation. Attorney Paula Drake has twenty-nine years of experience in the many courts in every county in Southern California. Many law firms just dabble in criminal defense, as opposed to emphasizing it. As a result, you could get short changed. The practice of criminal defense is far from simple. You need experienced counsel. You do not want to hire a law firm that will charge you per appearance and plead you guilty at the first court appearance as a matter of course. Attorney Paula Drake charges a flat fee and will go to court for you as many times as is necessary to obtain the optimal result. She works up her cases thoroughly and you will be involved and informed every step of the way. She is adept at case negotiations, as well as at litigation. She is not afraid to file motions, take a case to trial, or file an appeal if necessary. Your freedom is at stake and you deserve the best representation possible.

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