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Aiding & Abetting

Aiding and abetting is the act of helping a person commit a crime or avoid law enforcement after committing a crime. To be guilty of aiding and abetting, you do not need to have even been present at the time the crime was committed. You only need to have offered advice, or help of some sort that allowed the crime to be carried out.

Helping a person carry out a crime, or harboring someone who has committed a crime, can result in severe consequences.

In California, the punishment for being an accessory to the commission of a crime will result in a fine of up to $5,000 and/or a jail or prison sentence. An accessory is defined as a person who has knowledge of a crime or who helps a criminal after they have committed the crime. A person who aids and abets a criminal who will face more extensive charges is called a principal (i.e., a person who actually advises on, urges or helps with the commission of a crime). Assistance can be defined as advice, actions, or financial support. Whether they consider you an accessory or a principal, aiding and abetting is a serious charge.

If you are suspected of aiding and abetting a criminal, you need legal representation. The Law Offices of Paula Drake can help you avoid a conviction. Criminal Defense Attorney Paula Drake is experienced and will fight for your rights to keep you out of jail.

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