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A conspiracy is defined as two or more people planning and working together to commit a crime. They must also take some sort of action toward its completion, but whether or not the crime was actually committed is irrelevant in a conspiracy charge. Conspiring to accuse or frame another person for a crime also qualifies as conspiracy.

Conspiracy is a very serious criminal offense that can leave a person with punishment for a felony that they conspired with another to commit, even if they did not actually commit that felony. A California felony conviction usually carries a minimum sentence of one year.

If you have been accused of conspiracy, you could be facing an extensive prison sentence and heavy fines, the same sentence that you would face if you had actually committed the felony.

The Law Offices of Paula Drake can explore your options with you and can best handle the case, regardless of the stage it is in. Criminal Defense Attorney Paula Drake has the experience as a skillful negotiator and trial attorney.

Paula Drake is ready to give you a free consultation regarding your conspiracy charge. Working with an experienced lawyer who can defend your rights and protect your freedom is your best chance to avoid a conviction or heavy sentencing.

Conspiracy is a serious and complicated charge. Contact us at the earliest stage in your proceeding to avail yourself the best approach.

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