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Probation Violations

A violation of a grant of probation on a criminal case can arise from a failure to complete any court ordered term of probation. For example, failure to complete a treatment program or payment on a court ordered fine, could result in a violation of probation and imprisonment for up to the maximum of the available custody time on the case.

A failure to complete a first time DUI program could result in a six month jail sentence, assuming there was no jail sentence on the original DUI conviction. Another way to violate a probation is picking up a new law violation. For example, picking up a second DUI case while still on probation for the first could result in a violation of probation as well as a new case against you. Often times a person is on multiple grants of probation at the same time, ending up with multiple violations when they pick up a new charge.

An allegation of a violation of probation needs to be taken seriously, it can result in immediate incarceration and ultimately a jail or state prison commitment. Probation violations can be extremely complicated and ultimately can have serious consequences. The proof regarding probation violations is different than for new criminal cases.

Even a first violation of a probation where no jail time was served on the original sentence could land a person in jail. In fact, you could be immediately “taken in” and not be able to post bail pending the outcome of the matter.

The Law Offices of Paula Drake is experienced with every type of violation to determine how best to approach your particular situation. We can assess your particular case and provide you with the best approach for the best possible outcome.

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